New Play Development

Before a play ever hits the stage, a lot of time and love goes into its development. I have done developmental work with a bunch of awesome playwrights, including Miranda Craigwell, Emily Kaye Lazzaro, Patrick Gabridge, Nina Louise Morrison, and Walt McGough — want to join the list? Below is a selection of the various services I offer. I can mix and match any number of things depending on the needs of your project, so please contact me if you have questions or ideas about how we might collaborate on your next piece!


One-on-One Script Consultation

Looking for some focused attention or individual feedback on your script? Script consultations can range from a one-time set of notes to multiple, regular meetings depending on what you need. I am happy to work with you in person, online, or over the phone — let’s talk!


Workshop Dramaturgy

I love workshops! In fact, they might be my favorite part of the development process. If you have a workshop coming up, I’ll help you solidify your workshop goals, hone in on how specific aspects of your play are working, and help you identify areas for development or revision.


Post-show Conversation/Talkback Moderation

The key to a great talkback is a great moderator — someone to guide the conversation so that you get the most useful feedback and audience responses. I have lots  of experience with post-show events and would be happy to develop and/or lead a conversation for your next reading or production.


Research Requests

Diving deep into the world of a play through research is one of the best parts of my job. If you’re looking for someone to help scout out sources or comb through background material for your next project, a dramaturg can be a great partner!


Script Coverage/Literary Management

I am available to provide notes or analysis on script submissions if your company’s pile of scripts has become a bit unwieldy. I can also work with your organization to develop a submission policy or tracking system for plays to make sure the pile stays manageable.